London Craft Club: Macrame Wall Hanging

£45, 7-9pm

It's a great way to make a wall hanging - and it's way quicker than weaving, knitting or quilting. If you've been putting off taking up a new skill because you're busy, this might be the one for you. Plus you'll have the skills you need to make all sorts of plant holders, wall hangings, jewellery and more. Macrame is super versatile and looks good in everything from kitchen string to leather cord, so what are you waiting for? Now's the time to pick up the skill and get creative with it!
You'll be using recycled jersey yarn created by LCC's favourites over at Hoooked - You'll fall in love with their bright colours and sustainable manufacturing. Choose from pink, yellow, white or black. We'll also supply a foraged rustic stick to hang your work from that's been washed and baked so its clean and dry